Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I'm Not a Peanut!

People say I'm nuts, for what I do to myself. I hope there are no nut allergies here on this blog! 

This thing has turned monthly, I'm sorry! But I just figured that writing something monthly could be a whole lot more interesting than trying to concoct a daily post, both mundane and boring. Something less frequent might be a bit more interesting, wouldn't you say?!
Let's start with October, a relatively uneventful month, eating, living, a couple of medical checks for the darling leg and a bit of assistant refereeing. 

Possibly my top AR highlight has been at my old school, KGV. Not only was it an exhilarating match, but seeing as it was October, my good self was able to carry through almost to my full standard with very few puffy breaths and a good need for speed. The weather has cooled down too, thank hamsters. Hopefully more is to come. For me, having HI does not really limit how fit I am, at least as much as I thought. Like anyone, i want to be fit and with the programme, that comes hard work, core muscle training and a kick in the arse for being pathetically slow during sprints.  That being said, my best work is done when it's cooler, around this time. Tonight, 29th October, I feel like I'm almost back to full strength. I attended usual Wednesday night training and felt good for the first time this year. I've got a double dose of action this weekend with the first Mini Rugby festival coupled with a 24 hour charity dinghy race.

I really enjoy the 24 hour race as it's a party atmosphere and the Hebe Haven Yacht Club comes alive with teams from all over HK and overseas. Looks like I'll be doing graveyard shifts again this year which I detest to an extent because the wind levels drop I'm the middle of the night. I enjoy telling people last year that it took three hours to complete my shift, on the boat at 2am, off at 5am. There was very little wind and it was chilly too! Must remember the jacket this year! I will also be hot footing it to Kings Park in the afternoon to referee a bunch of matches in the Under 10s category. This should be very interesting as it's the first rugby tourno of the year plus I'll be quite sleep deprived. So please, if anyone sees me walking around aimlessly on the pitch on Sunday, hand me a redbull or a dunk a bucket of ice on me and I should be good to go! Or just give me a gigantic hug!

Okay, enough about fitness, since I'm sure half of you are probably curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for yourselves. I wanted to touch on a topic that I get asked about a lot, having HI. And that is, Am I in any pain? And the answer is no. Or more along the lines of, "I know how I feel, but that's probably different to you guys". Of course I feel sore sometimes, but there's nothing a rub of aloe Vera gel cannot heal. I find that when I feel sore when I am warmer after an activity, then yes, but that rarely, if ever  evolves into anything else. If I'm sore, it's mainly self-inflicted and not quite skin related. 

Another super exciting thing from October is that for the first time in 21 years, I'm changed my hair color. Okay, so it may be a dip-dye (ombré) but it's pretty high up, you'd probably think my whole head is ginger-blonde. , I used a cream dye instead of a more liquid dye and I've had no chemical reactions after a blob got on my skin. Aside from it burning slightly, there was no problem. So maybe in the future, I may try a whole head of dye, I'll just wait for my hair to grow a bit as I hear that bleach is for keeps and I'm not sure I'm ready for the shaven look!

Thank you for tuning in to another IchthyRef blog and I can't wait to see you guys in November, where I'm sure events will be as fun as always!