About IchthyRef

Born in Hong Kong
Raised in Hong Kong
Adopted in Hong Kong

Attempting to dominate the world with rugby refereeing, sailing and smiling through Ichthyosis

Okay, I guess it's time to really discuss a bit about me.

My name is Mui, otherwise known as the IchthyRef. IchthyRef lives in Hong Kong, that's in China for those who don't know. (you'd be surprised). She's got a pair of parents, PapaRef is British (Rule Britannia) and MamaRef is German (I can't say anything rude), two dogs and lives in Sai Kung, a suburban part of Hong Kong, known for it's Seafood and common inabilty to manage crowds on weekends.

Hmmm, well you've made it onto my blog -

Time to look around.



  1. Hey Mui, your are inspiring, keep going. Much love from Geneva,

  2. Hey Mui! I love your outlook and can't wait to watch you accomplish everything you set your mind to!

  3. Hello Mui! I have just read your story. Keep blogging! You are so inspirational and brave girl! It takes guts to call yourself itchyRef, your humour and guts are extraordinary in these regards :) By being public and showing yourself as you are I am sure you are carving an easier path for so many others. And you are charming as well :) By looking at you I want to smile with you and not to feel pity of you. This is what you deserve, that people smile to you and with you. Just give people some time :)