Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The IchthyRef Tackles Social Media

I have many praises for social media, I do.  But we all know that's a cut throat past-time where whatever you post online is for all to see. People all over the world are able to see the good, the bad and the ugly. That's just the way the internet is and unfortunately in some ways, social media makes or breaks you. The IchthyRef has tackled her fair share of social media issues and figured that maybe, sharing some tips and scenarios could help educate others. 

Instagram is something we all love, right? I mean posting photos of sexy sandy beaches and one's food is always somehow entertaining for random followers. I've been on it for about 9 months now, well since I got me a new iPhone which was about 9 months ago! I love posting pictures depicting things I do every day or things I find amusing. But with all things on social media, I've had to excercise caution just because there is always some chick who has never seen someone with Ichthyosis before and will make unkind remarks. But with so many things, you make the decision to post your life online, you deal with the outcome, you clap like a maniac when you get a like for your bowl of noodles and you wail like an idiot if someone comments about your thunder thighs being too chunky!

Do you remember those days back when one lived on MSN messenger? You'd race home, turn on the computer and start conversations? Maybe turn the USB webcam on too? Well I was no different and I loved using it. I recognised most if not all of my contacts so I knew who I was talking to. It was an unfortunate incident that I clicked 'accept' to an unknown person and in my naivety, thought I could trust everyone I chatted with. 

That incident led to effectively hate mail and believe me, sh!t truly hit the fan and it made me determined to cross check unknown contacts in the future. 

Sometimes if a person I don't know adds me on Facebook, despite the fact we may share mutual friends, I send them a quick message to double check if I really do know that person. Sometimes it just needs a little recap since I meet so many people wherever I am, it ain't easy recognising names! 

But sometimes. Even if you don't accept a request, people can still contact you and even if it isn't malicious, but it's suggestive and makes you feel like a lump of poop, don't do what I did and run to Facebook asking for help. Yes I could have done that and after all I am an adult of 21 and a half, but would that really have helped anyone? If people were sending you threats to kill yourself and commit hari kiri, then sure, the police is the way to go. But if you are being sent messages asking if you love the sender and want to be his girlfriend, either, ignore the twit, block him if needed and keep an eye on it. And if things escalate, one needs to carefully take further action. But otherwise, what good will it do?

I've just come out of teenage years and while some might speculate whether I'll ever truly grow up into an adult (I'd love to remain young, life is so carefree!) I have posted negative and bitchy comments on Facebook and Twitter. In some ways, it's a way of life, but especially for someone like the IchthyRef, when one already stands out, your comments are taken into account and your persona is built from how you act on social media. It can actually make or break job applications, university acceptances, or in general, it can make it break YOU. It doesn't matter whether you're a lovely fluffy human being in person, it's your online life that's affected as well. 

I've made lots of social media rookie mistakes and I'm not truly thrilled about my past behaviours online. Of course I've recommitted cardinal sins. But ultimately. You need to to responsible about using it. Because funnily enough, some people actually want to know good things in life. 

What's that people say?

The good things should always override the negatives?

Something along those lines...


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