Tuesday, 2 September 2014

"The Lean Mean Eating Machine"

By the way folks, that quote comes from PapaRef and MamaRef...not my own work!

I'm a big eater. It's common knowledge amongst my family and friends that the IchthyRef eats a lot. I've been very lucky that I've always been able to eat, without the need for medical intervention and gtubes. 

To give you an idea, I can work my way through a whole plate of Yueng Chow fried rice, a few helpings of mixed Chinese vegetables and maybe all the pork from a plate of Sweet and Sour. That's Chinese food. It's not all quiet on the Western Front though. I'll eat all the usual suspects, the meat, the pasta, the vegetables. My general rule these days is that as long as I can recognise what I'm about to eat, I'll eat it. If it's something like intestines or offal (Chinese stylie). I will try it once. Or if it's something in which I really don't want to know what I've just bitten into, don't tell me until it's the following week, assume I've eaten chicken. Not penile delights...
But that's usually the last time I try being adventurous. What are you guys like when it comes to eating funny things?

The point of me telling the world that I eat huge amounts is because in theory, people with Harlequin Ichthyosis have high metabolism because of the immensely rapid turnover of skin. This basically means I need to eat more than the regular recommended 2000 calories a day. I need to drink lots of fluids, eat protein, carbohydrates and all the blah. I constantly scratch my head when it comes to finding food enough to last the day. 

I've just attended this years' referee camp where it suddenly hit me. Ordinarily, I'm supposed to hit about 3000 calories a day...(through a chat with fellow HI buddy, Hunter). The average person only needs about 2000 calories, but because of our fantastically high metabolism, we just need to keep eating. I wouldn't know, but assuming because I'm in the sporty world, amateur in some way or form, I need to probably hit in the region of 4000-5000 since not only am I supposed to cover basic Ichthyosis nutritional needs, but I'm also covering additional energy needed to do what I do. And people wonder why I'm always eating...

Let me give you a brief rundown of what I ate today (2nd September), beware, it's by my own confession, amazingly bad!

Breakfast - a BBQ pork bun and a Red Bull on the go
Before work - a packet of crackers, water
Lunch - a rice box with sashimi fish , Lucozade bottle
Snack - ready pasta from a pack
Dinner - protein shake (High-5 4:1 Whey Protein)

By my own confession, this isn't that healthy and I do not suggest others try my diet. I've thought about this and while this is not the healthiest option, the crap in this gets eaten away and stored as my metabolism is high and my body needs the energy. 

If im out at a rugby festival or I'm ARing like last season, my ritual always includes either a beef and bacon burger or some pasta, about three hours before the game. If I'm at a minis festival, I usually eat small bits throughout the day. 

I'm working on improving my nutrition plan to include more fresh foods like:
Nuts, meat which has not been doused in sweet and sour sauce, more liquids and more fruit and vegetables. And keeping this for longer than a week might help too...!

Nutritionists of the world, please do not kill me for such a bad diet! I'm open to creative and quick on the go suggestions :)

Bye! By the way, here is the whey protein stuff I bought from Escapade, full on good stuff used by many athletes. And it's more of a yoghurty consistency but is drinkable!

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