Monday, 1 December 2014

Amazeballs - That's Why I'm Thankful :)

Why am I grateful to have Ichthyosis?

Don’t judge me, for I’ve not written anything for November…what a bad-ass!!

I’m British Chinese, I live in Hong Kong. Thanksgiving is just not my thing, though I do have American friends who are susceptible to my endless American piss-take quips. But wait, I may have told a weeny lie. We DID celebrate Thanksgiving at work. It was mainly food and game filled. And if a party fills me up with food, I shan’t complain.
But still, harking back to my point, I think that being thankful for things in life is important and here is my list.
I’ve borrowed this amazeballs idea off my friend Stephanie Turner and Carly and I have decided to follow suit…that’s what bloggers do right?!

1.     I am grateful for simply having life. Without life, none of us would be here and I certainly wouldn’t be. I have many difficulties in  my life with having Harlequin Ichthyosis and being adopted. But I’m thankful for having a shot at life, however long or short that might be.

2.     I’m grateful for having Ichthyosis because it has afforded me a life of interesting moments and fabulous oppurtunities.

3.     I am grateful for having Ichthyosis because over the years, medicine has evolved in such a way that many people have stepped forward with offers to make my skin and general wellbeing better without the intrusion of hospitals and scary machines…thank you Lauren Bramley and Partners, you guys are amazing!

4.     I’m grateful to my parents because without Ichthyosis, they would not be my parents. They guide me, they nurture, they push, they plead, but most of all, they love me and have molded me into a goofball. I may have slipped into oblivion in recent years, but my parents have been there to try and help me back up onto my feet. It’s a work in progress but I’m super thankful for those two!

5.     I’m grateful for having Ichthyosis because it means I have something interesting to tell the world. I have the unique sights into what could be considered an exclusive club of those with Ichthyosis. I know that this could be a great opener to any conversation with a stranger. Can you imagine? My name is Mui Thomas and I have Harlequin Ichthyosis?!

6.     I am grateful for the fantastic Ichthyosis community. In a world that is constantly connected by social media, it’s so much easier to communicate with other sufferers these days as opposed to 15 years ago.  Being able to exchange ideas and provide suggestions to fellow people with ichthyosis absolutely takes the edge of some of life’s most intense moments. It’s also lovely to be able to understand how other people live their lives.

7.     I am grateful for the friends and aquintences that I’ve made over the years. You guys never cease to crack me up. And you know me for who I am, the skin is just another piss-take J

8.     I’m grateful to have a blog which people actually bother reading. Thanks folks!!

9.     I’m grateful for the local community in which I live. I’m grateful for the rugby oppurtunities, even if I am still a sucky referee, the contacts and friendships within that. I’m grateful for the chance to help out at special needs sailing, I love the whole of Sai Kung!

Right, I’m going to sign off because it’s eating time for me!!

PS. I’m looking to spruce my page up a bit more. My layout doesn’t exactly scream fun and Welsh, so if anyone would like to suggest templates…please do!


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  1. Your best post yet, Mui! I am thankful to know you. You are a rare gem!!! xx

    HK Blueyes (Kaye)