Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Do I look like I know What I'm Doing?

No, most of the time, I find myself hopping around like a headless chicken. But that's beside the point of writing this today. So it's been a while since I've decided to write, but I might as well say Happy Chinese New Year, or Kung Hei Fat choi. 

It's been a while and lots has gone on since December. I turned 23 (sh't), it was Christmas (yay), I started off the new year on a roll and so far, it's gone according to plan. Well the weather has been Baltic recently but we can deal with that. 

My post today is just a bit of a ramble if I'm honest. I'm quite excited about the state of my washing machine. Given the fact that I have never actually cleaned it before and when you have Ichthyosis, your washing machine is likely to break down a couple of times. But but but, after being told off about the state of my washing machine, I walked into the nearest hardware store and bought 2 litres of Swipe. Multipurpose cleaner which happened to also pick up about 5 years worth of well, crap quite frankly. I also bought some kind of Japanese washing machine cleaner and oh my god, I have never seen such a sparkly shiny drum after it did it's work :-). The liquids I used were a bit potent in strength, but given my plain and simple neglect in the past, it was needed to do its job. As I write this, it's currently going through a last cycle before I start loading it again tomorrow. It's days when I'm thankful for public holidays since it means I can actually do things I've been supposed to do for the past year (or 5). 

Chinese New Year in HK was certainly newsworthy. There was a riot down in Mong Kok, the land of smelly tofu, cheap markets selling fake branded items and a tourist Mecca. There were a couple of illegal hawkers doing their thing, but the popo weren't too impressed and nor were the hawkers themselves after being found out. But anyways, cutting to the chase, it pains me to see a part of Hong Kong absolutely thrashed to the point that the train system decides to skip their station stop. I live quite away from Mong Kok, but I know the area as my school was nearby. To see people chucking bins at people and bricks being thrown. I think to myself, "what the hell happened?" This isn't London, this is Hong Kong. But I hope that out of this, people realize that if you do something illegal, guess what, prepare to get into some bother, it's bound to go down badly. 

So I now flitter back to the all time entertainer, the rugby :-)
I had the opportunity to work at the Highlanders vs Racing 92 game when they were in Hong Kong recently. I was on the scores with my mate Harry, who just happens to be a better referee than myself, I'm so not jealous (hides in corner). Anyhow, the match took place in Chai Wan, some place in a place called Siu Sai Wan, or as I like to call it, the middle of buttf*cknowhere. It was an awesome game though with beautiful weather and the result of it all was that I ended up abandoning my Welsh roots for that night and posed for a photo with Dan Carter, lovely bloke by the way, but he's Kiwi :-). But I further redeemed myself after snagging a selfie with Mike Phillips during the opening match of the 6 Nations, France vs Italy. Classy times in the Sportsmans Bar of the Hong Kong Football Club. 

It's been short and sweet, but I'll be back when I have a bit more inspiration up my sleeve and the novelty of a shiny washing machine has worn off. 

Mui xxx

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